Phones of the Future

Concept phones of the future – hot or not? Samsung has a patent on using flexible display technology so you could roll up your phone and put it in your pocket!

Exoskeleton Technology by Skeletronics

Who else but the Japanese have nailed the basic workings of an exoskeleton suit call Skeletronics. Apparantly, it doesn’t use any electronics and is powered by the operator’s movements. All you have to do is strap yourself in and you turn into a mech-warrior. They are exploring practical applications of this technology now, but they…

Perth Property Market 2017 Review and 2018 Outlook

2017 – The Year That’s Been in Perth Property With 2018 well on the way, I thought I’d recap the year that’s been in Perth property in 2017 from on the ground. My perspective on the market as a property buyers agent is from: speaking with my buyer clients, visiting home opens every weekend, and…

Property Tip: Hire a Buyers Agent

Buying a quality property can be a real challenge, from: picking the right location to negotiating with agents and spending all weekend searching for that elusive dream property. Haley from WA Weekender speaks to Ray Chua from Momentum Wealth buyers agency about how a buyers agent can remove the stresses of buying a property.

The unfortunate things about free property advice

What’s wrong with “free” property advice?   When I starting investing in 2003, there were few people truly helping buyers in Perth Western Australia, so that’s when I decided to do more research into how to buy great investment properties myself. At first, I was encouraged by the dozens of websites, magazines and seminars offering…