Awarded REIWA Master Salesperson 2014

Thanks to all my property buying clients, who entrusted me with selecting and negotiating one of their biggest assets, especially those who have come back again to buy more of the best properties around in Perth WA. Hope this REIWA volume award shows I must be doing something right as a property buyers agent, earning my clients’ trust through results…

A career representing property buyers in Perth WA

Want to get into the property game as a career? Find out more about what it takes to have a career in real estate, working exclusively for property buyers only.Click here to see my presentation at one of the REIWA Career’s Evening to would-be future real estate people.

Stop Stirling!!!

Stop Stirling!!! City of Stirling is trying to put a blanket ban on multi-dwelling developments in all R40 & R50 sites in the city. Stirling council already has one of the most stringent Local Planning Policies regarding multi-dwelling developments and taking this blanket ban approach to the City’s required urban in-fill quota (set by WAPC)…

REIWA Buyers Agent of the Year 2012

What an honour to be recognized by my peers at REIWA & to have been selected Buyers Agent of the Year 2012! Thanks Momentum Wealth, for providing such a fantastic platform for me to shine.

170,000 workers needed for mining

If you’re worried about the WA economy, don’t! With mining creating the same number of jobs as the rest of Australia, (i.e. 170,000 jobs vacancies over 5 years), the future of WA economy (hence property prices) looks very bright. The demand fundamentals are there, but you still have to get supply fundamentals right. Ask me…