Public Transport Plans for Perth

The Department of Transport WA have released a draft master plan for public transport in Perth.

Public Transport Plans for Perth

Of particular interest within these draft plans is:

  • the Forrestfield-Airport Rail Link, which is a new proposed train line that will open up Perth’s eastern suburbs to the rail network for the first time. One would also expect properties near the new stations to increase in housing density. This along with additional convenience would influence property values close by.

Public Transport Plans for Perth

The current Labour government’s transport plan – Metronet is depicted here:

public transport plan Perth WA

How certain will the projects go ahead? The Forrestfield-Airport link has progressed and the estimated completion time is around 2020. For an updated picture of the latest budgeted plans, refer to 

Building Safer Communities infographic

Industry leaders have indicated that the “Directions 2031” scheme is Perth’s only option, with no alternative to cater for its rapidly growing population.

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  1. lukmanandiuleng says:

    I really do hope they introduce this because Perth really needs it, bad!

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