How Buyers Can Gain An Unfair Advantage

How buyers agents help home buyers and investors
Ray Chua on Talking Property podcast

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by “Talking Property” to explain how a buyer’s agent could help both home buyers and property investors. I deep dive into the key benefits, the buying process and even touch on typical fees, and some of the research I use to guide buyers.

Some great questions asked included:

  • Working for buyers, what are your responsibilities?
  • How different is it when working as a buyer’s agent compared to a selling agent?
  • How do you work for a typical buyer, what’s the process?
  • Do you leverage your relationships with sales agents for off-market properties?
  • What sort of fees would a buyer need to pay to engage your services?
  • What’s your advice for buyers looking at property investment?
  • Are you seeing more interest from east coast investors in the WA market given the price differences?
  • What’s the market cycle timing like for WA property?
  • What about regional WA?

Plus, hear my outlook for 2022!

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